How to use Facebook at work without getting caught? Try This Facebook App

How to use Facebook at work

Good news for all those office workers, whose hearts go pounding for the fear of boss, every time they try to keep up with their Facebook Friends from their office computer.

An Ivy League University student, whose dear friend found herself in a similar situation, when she was doing a government internship; has created a Facebook app to rescue all such office workers.

Yale computer science major Bay Gross, 20, has to create a website after a special friend doing a government internship told him she had to wait until after work to read his Facebook updates. But determined to interact with her all the time, Ross, developed a website, named, which automatically converts a Facebook user’s Facebook news feed into an excel spreadsheet, so procrastinating at work appears to onlookers like dedicated number-crunching.

The ingenious site, thus allows Facebook users to instantly see what their friends are up to on Facebook, with updates from friends appearing as new spreadsheet rows. Pictures and videos uploaded can be viewed by hovering cursor over the entries and users can interact, ’liking’ the updates with a simple click on the spreadsheet.

The Website page, intentionally designed to mimic corporate look, is slyly titled 'daily cash reconciliation' so that wasting time appears to nosy onlookers (to a boss walking by) as diligent financial work.

Ross, is delighted with his creation, as the day he launched the clever site, his friend on the government internship is already using it; and doesn’t make him wait for long hours.

Countless others are using it too, if you want to try out too; then just Sign in with Facebook, and see your news feed rendered into an innocuous corporate form.'

About the website: The 20 year old launched the site on Sunday after spending just 15 hours developing it. The site is immensely well received since its launch, receiving 10,000 unique visitors per day. --------

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