An iOS app which turns your OR Famous Historic personalities' into a 3D Talking Head

People always fancy the idea of seeing famous historic personalities talk to them in real, OR getting the same personalities, who are either no more OR are inaccessible because of their celebrity status, don different hair styles, beards, makeup or facial features.

Not limiting to the rich, famous or legends, people also fancy making universe of alterations to their own faces; just for the sake of fun.

In short people just love, doing the above to them and to the people they are curious about, adore or respect.

But picking up a sketch pen and newspaper was not always very easy.

That’s why, two former Valve Software game developers, Kelly Bailey and Mike Dussault, have released a new iOS application called Morfo 3D Face Booth, which allows anyone with an iPhone or iPad to turn photos of themselves, famous individuals or others into talking characters, who can move their heads following users finger, don a weird hair style, beard, makeup, tone, facial feature etc. Watch the video below to get a fair idea of what the app is capable of accomplishing:

Developed late last year, the $1.99 app is received well; with over one million downloads. The app, originally released for Windows Phone 7. Kelly Bailey and Mike Dussault have co-founded SunSpark Labs. Dussault spent 10 plus years at Valve, working at the game developer as an engineer. Before that, he worked at Monolith, where he built the Lithtech game engines. Bailey also was an early employee at Valve where he worked on some of the original Half-Life titles, including the original music and sound effects. --------

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