iOS unofficially made to bring multi-user support to Apple's iPad

Apple’s iPad is a great device (numbers are testimony of this fact) but the fact that it is designed to be used only by a single user makes it difficult, for an entire family to share content without mixing up each other's personal files and information. This makes the device costly as well; as to have a better management; every family member will have to have his/her own iPad.

But courtesy, the efforts of this Brazillian guy, this limitation of Apple iPad is going to vanish soon. The brainy guy has managed to enable support for multiple user accounts into the iPad, much like one finds in a conventional PC. Just create any number of user accounts, with difference levels of privileges.

The hack, which is dubed as the iUser, allows iPad users to create multiple user accounts on their device. The utility is also capable of segregating application data and system preferences between the various user accounts(different privileges to different users). Watch the video below, with iUser at action:

Availabiltiy: The utility will be available on Cydia, which means that only users of jailbroken iPads will be able to make use of this muti-user arrangement. --------

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