Jose Canseco tweets former girlfriend’s Phone number on Twitter

Former Major League slugger Jose Conseco received a mixed bag, of sympathies and criticism, for his yesterday’s Twitter page behavior related to his former girlfriend, Leila Shennib. Conseco called her “evil” and even published the swimsuit and lingerie model’s phone number. He also alleged she had a drug problem.

Good Times
Conseco, 47, began with a Tweet:

“I will never forget or forgive what u said to me leila ur evil,”

He further tweeted:

“would love to meet a nice holesome midwest girl.”

He later tweeted, a correction:

“would love to meet a nice Wholesome midwest girl.”

Later, Conseco, implored his Twitter followers to cast votes for the curvaceous Los Angelena in a “Maxim” magazine contest in April 2010.

Although the response to Conseco’s twitter outburst was clearly a mixed bag, overall, the ball player’s fans appeared more hurt than unforgiving with his behavior. A Tweet on Saturday, by Yuma Scorpion, sums up this sad feeling:

“Advice to the wise don’t fall in love with woman who take there clothing off for a living,” --------

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