KDDI Research to launch an Android app and headband to measure gamer’s concentration

A unique headset from PLX Devices, which worked with a special iPhone app, was launched a long time back. The headset app combination measures the concentration of the wearer and allows him/her to play games on their iPhone using their brain. Check out the video below:

Now reports are that, KDDI Research in Japan, has been working on a similar app and headset combination for an Android phone.

How the app + headset mix works:

The headband or headset has sensors inside that can measure neural activity. The app in the smartphone analyses the user’s neural activity data picked by the headband after every 30 seconds of game playing; and displays the results in chart form. There are three different games included in the app.

When the gamer concludes his/her gaming session: the app summarizes the gaming session by providing charts showing the average amount of concentration or relaxation. The app also offers charts with a diagram of the brain showing the brain which showed heightened activity or were used most. Additionally, the app also allows the user to test his/her concentration on anything he/she is passionate about, by focusing on that activity for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds the app shows the user a chart displaying the parts of the brain used during that time. --------

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