Kerala Fishermen gain from Mobile fishing

If one tries to compare the impact made by the Fixed and Mobile phones on human lives; one finds the mobile phone scoring over its fixed counterpart on almost every aspect of human life viz. personal connectivity, social connectivity, business, emergency situations etc.

But one aspect of human life which saw an upside down change with the advent of mobile phones is the: Professional or Business connectivity.

The fact that fixed phones could never ever be proliferated like mobiles, because of serious bottlenecks like limited supporting infrastructure, high setting up costs, highly time intensive activity, Government control; fixed phones never provided the ideal environment for ideal business or professional networking.They remained restricted to only a few people who afforded one or have businesses, where a phone was considered mandatory.

But mobiles, changed all.

Not only people in professions where connectivity is a prerequisite, like marketing, sales, communications are owning them; but those in professions where a mobile phone would be the last thing to arrange for, are using them to better their earning opportunities. And this group of professionals appears to be all inclusive.

The video below, shares how the fishermen in Kerala, India; are using basic mobile phones to find the best catch:


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