Latest Skype version 5.2 for Mac adds group screen sharing

Today, Skype released a new version of its OS X client – the Skype 5.2. The new version introduced group screen sharing. The group video calling, has been available since the Skype 5.0 beta for Mac.

Unfortunately though, both the features will be available to Skype Premium subscribers only.

But there are some worth mentioning improvements for non-Premium users on version 5.1 as well. First of all many bugs of the previous version have been fixed, which include frequent trouble with landline calls and some freezing issues. There are noticeable changes to UI as well, like the ability to completely hide the sidebar menu to make it easier to focus on a single conversation, new pop out video controls in a small hovering window when working on other applications.

Overall the changes incorporated in the new version will be for heavy Skype users and Premium subscribers who use group calling for meetings and virtual conferences. --------

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