Look at $98 Apple iPad 2 Clone from China

Tablet makers in China have copied Apple’s iPad several times. But finally the first copy of Apple ipad 2 has come out in China as well. Named, Easydy E88, is an ipad clone (you can see yourself from the pictures here) and costs one fifth of the real thing. The clone costs just $98USD.

The clone’s styling is reminiscent of the iPad 2; but it lacks the aluminum back. In place of glossy aluminium this copycat has a glossy white plastic (you can’t get universe at that price).

Easydy E88

Manufactured by Easydy the tablet beats real Apple ipad 2 on one thing. There is a microSD memory card slot in Easydy E88, which Apple iPad 2 lacks. But this is not meant for beating Apple, the fact that E88 only comes with just 4GB of built-in storage, hence an extendable storage becomes a necessity rather than some putting down ploy.

But don’t blame E88 to have inferior specs than Apple’s iPad 2 almost everyway; for obvious reasons.

The E88 specs are -- a 9.7-inch (800 x 600 resolution) resistive touchscreen, an 800Hz VIA 8650 processor, 256MB of RAM, Android Froyo 2.2 OS, a 2800mAh battery, and support for external 3G. the tablet is thicker than Apple iPad 2.

There is oen more area, the E88 seems to beat Apple iPad 2 – its weight. E88 weighs less than the iPad 2 at 479g . But that again is because it’s not using metal (Aluminum :) ) --------

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