MagicTile Marathon tablet PC launched: Another Home-Grown Tablet PC

MagicTile Marathon tablet PC launched: Another Home-Grown Tablet PC
When expensive hot tech gadgets arrive at developing countries they almost always usher a domestically developed market in that device category. The primary reason for it, is obviously the price factor.

So with the advent of a couple of tablets in India, it is bound to see a few home developed players entering in the tablet space too.

On Tuesday, Bangalore-based EAFT Technologies India Pvt. Ltd launched the MagicTile Marathon tablet PC. According to the press release, the the MagicTile Marathon tablet comes with 3G connectivity, WiFi and Bluetooth and runs on Google’s Android operating system 2.2 (also known as Froyo, shortened word for Frozen Yoghurt). Notably the current trend in Android tablets is GingerBread or Android 3, an Android operating system specially optimized for tablets.

Other specs are:

1) A 10.1″ LCD touchscreen display
2) 1.0 Gigahertz NVidia Tegra 2 processor
3) 512MB of RAM
4) A microSD card slot to increase storage. The storage can be extended upto 16 GB
5) A 1.3 megapixel camera
6) Connectivity options apart from ones mentioned at the beginning of the write-up include a USB port (Apple iPad lacks USB), an HDMI port (for an external laptop or TV connection).
7) Supports Flash 10.1 (Apple iPad2 doesn’t support Flash)

The tablet has an eight-hour continuous use battery life.

Apps: EAFT’s App store only offers 18 applications, which include a “periodical table of elements” and “ an Indian festival calendar”;making for it, the tablet has access to Android App Store.

Price: MagicTile Marathon is presently being sold at an introductory offer of 26,990 rupees ($600) but the regular price is 29,990 rupees, which compares to the price of the 16B, WiFi-only iPad2 in India. The tablet can be purchased online too.

Although, nothing can be said before knowing what the 'actual tablet experience' is like; but with tested names already in the market; the price appears high. If the price of a new, relatively unknown entrant compares with that of Apple iPad2, the tablet market leader; than there's much to think on the pricing point. That apart, even though the tablet has some highlights in the specs, like a dual core processor and a 512 MB of RAM; the lack of applications optimized for the tablet, can't demand that much price tag. --------

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