MightyMeeting for HP TouchPad launched --A cloud-based web conferencing app

Tablet market is so competitive, courtesy Apple iPad, that manufacturers have to strain their minds for App ecosystem even before the tablet is launched; that’s why just as HP’s TouchPad arrived; useful apps that run on it have started hitting the market.

MightyMeeting Inc., a maker of cloud-based web conferencing applications for mobile devices, today unveiled MightyMeeting for HP TouchPad. The app designed which allows professionals on the go to share multimedia presentations with colleagues and customers, will be greeted well, if many such pros opt for HP TouchPad.

Those unawares, MightyMeeting already offers the web conferencing app for the iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices; but one count which helps MightyMeeting for HP TouchPad score over its versions for other platforms is that -- MightyMeeting for HP TouchPad is the first to include integrated audio conferencing.

What the app offers:

In the unveiling pitch, the company said that the application takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of the webOS platform (operating system on HP TouchPad) , such as next-level multitasking and HP Synergy, which automatically syncs users' information from sources like Facebook, Google, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo!, Skype, and LinkedIn. Adding further, the MightyMeeting integrates with the webOS contact and email applications, and with webOS multitasking, users can host a web conference while checking their calendars, sending IM messages or looking up a contact.

Othre attractions include, Cloud-based MightyMeeting provides each user with a "private virtual meeting room" for storing presentations (including brief videos) and hosting online meetings. There appears to be no limit to the number of meeting participants.

Price:  The MightyMeeting app for HP TouchPad is free for attendees; though hosting a meeting requires an in-app purchase. That apart, although the basic version of MightyMeeting is free, the amount of storage it offers is limited (100 MB). But the good thing is, those who want to get a feel of how productive the pro version can be; then they can opt for a 14-day online meeting trial.

A "pro" version costs $4.99 a month (or $49.99 annually) and includes 2 GB of storage and unlimited online meetings. --------

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