Mobage launched on Android Market in English-speaking countries worldwide, including US

Japan's popular mobile social network, Mobage, has just been launched in the US. The parent company, DeNA and ngmoco, has just announced that the company's Mobage social games platform is now live on the Android Market in English-speaking countries worldwide.

Notably, Mobage is Japan's biggest mobile virtual world / social network, with over 30 million users.

With the extensive launch, DeNA and Ngmoco, hopes to make Mobage into the prome destination for games and entertainment across territories and mobile operating systems. The company also hopes to lure the best gaming programmers to lure to itself, by providing them the most global developing environment.

On the eve of the announce,ent, DeNA also revealed that over 100 games are currently in development for Mobage, many of which are hitting Android for the first time through the service. Just a few days ago, DeNA had tied up with Japanese game developers like Suda 51, Yuji Naka, Keiji Inafune and others to create Mobage games. New users at Mobage will find games like Zombie Farm, Pocket God, Pocket Frogs, and We Rule. --------

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