A new app claims to hack any Facebook Account

There is something with Human nature that it loves eavesdropping, that’s why “How to Hack ______Account” is such a powerful search term on Web. With most activity on Facebook at present, it’s no wonder people are searching ‘ how to Hack a Facebook Account’ too (hacking means to get unlawful entry into some other’s account).

An app, called the Faceniff, released this month, makes it easy to hack Facebook accounts. The app works on Android devices that have been “rooted” (or modded or modified to use apps that are officially not allowed by Android).

The app claims to have –“one-touch hacking” ability (we have not used it); and to delight those with non-good intentions, the app works on Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and a Polish networking site as well. It even works on encrypted networks.

The point of this write-up is to inform you the existence of such an app; so that you can prepare yourself of about security risks. It’s not good to break into anyone’s home; NOT even your Ex. --------

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