New iPad2 Cases: Marware CEO Hybrid iPad 2 Case

Marware C.E.O. Hybrid for iPad 2 Black (602956007722)Marware has extended its line of iPad cases to the iPad 2. Foremost among them is the popular case "CEO Hybrid for iPad 2", a folio-style case Marware is expert at.

Created out of 'eco-leather', the case is very modern and professional and is offered solely in black. The exterior surfaces have a faux-carbon-fiber look. The inside of the case is a light gray suede-like material, and is stitched around the edges. Enhancing the professional appeal even ,ore the case is thin and stiff: the back is just over 3mm thick, and the front is 6.5mm thick.

The case has a very well thought out design which leaves the ports, switches, buttons and camera fully accessible.

Even there’s a clearance in the back for the headphone plug, and a perforated portion for the iPad 2's speaker.

Marware claims that their case covers 97% of the iPad 2 when closed. In addition, the case is unique to have the corner protection, by providing extra cushioning.

Watch the videos below to see how the looks with different angles, the different orientations it can be used:


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