New WordPress Plugin presents +50 blog Statistics on single Page within Dashboard

May of you bloggers on Wordpress wanted this plugin, and it’s finally out of Beta Testing. Which means no errors and smooth functioning.

This new plugin, called Pro Blog Stats, provides the user over 50 different statistics about his/her blog, all one one Page within the WordPress dashboard.

So no need to log in to all your different accounts (like Google Analytics, Twitter, Facebook) to see your statistics; just install the Pro Blog Stats and access all what is necessary to keep an eye on, on one single Page.

Stressing on the importance of monitoring different statistics, like the number of visitors a blog or website has, the bounce rate, number of subscribers, number of backlinks, time spent on the site and so on, the new plugin allows a user to monitor over 50 different statistics about his/her blog, which come from an array of analytics services and accounts, which include:

• Google Analytics
• Twitter
• Facebook
• Alexa
• Pages indexed
• Backlinks

…and many more, after all they are 50 in number.

Why it’s important to monitor your site statistics:

For one simple reason: The information gleaned from the statistics can help you take your blog forward, visitor-wise, content-wise and revenue-wise.

For instance, by monitoring these statistics you can determine what impact your on-line actions are having. Like – 1) Are your daily visitors increasing 2) Are they visiting repeatedly, or 3) how many times a week they are making a visit 4) has your latest blog or content tweak gained you more subscribers, traffic, or recognition (more shares on twitter or likes on Facebook); the things you can do by this statistical data are endless. You can even set daily, weekly, monthly goals for your blog and monitor your performance during and after the campaign.

One important offering of the Pro Blog Stats is that, it also helps you to learn from your past moves and actions. From the day you install and use the plugin, it will keep a history of your stats; so that after using it for just a coupel of days, you can start comparing your new actions with the past. A great metric to get insights from. Continued use will provide the user, the ability to compare actions week, month and year (s) wise.

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