RIM TV under development to rival Apple TV?

RIM TV under development to rival Apple TV?
According to some reports, Research In Motion (RIM), the makers of the Blackberry devices, is creating a media box to rival Apple TV.

Rumors are that the device would be a mixture of a basic BlackBerry Presenter and a media hub along the lines of the Apple device – featuring the same hardware as a Blackberry mobile device, that’s the same type of processor, while operating on a QNX-based OS (already supporting WiFi file sharing the system could already be on it’s way to quick integration, allowing business presentations and other office based programs to be synced up and shared more quickly), the same one used in the BlackBerry PlayBook.

But some other reports further add that the device will more likely not be a home-based device, but instead bring third-party media services to the game, much like the Apple AirPlay.

Rumors are that the device could ship by late 2011, around Christmas. --------

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