Social sharing buttons not popular among Top websites: BrightEdge

How do you stumble, new websites on web? Mostly, you Google search your way to a new website. But 3 out of 10 times, you stumble upon new content, via social networks too (if you happen to be using any).

In the new age of web, social networks have become an important way of information consumption. People use social networks and find good content, cool products and new information.

But which Social network is helping people discover the most content? Obviously the Facebook (750 million users are there for nothing). Although most are finding this type of information through Facebook (Facebook button is hottest plug-in), but a growing amount of traffic is coming from Google's +1 button too.

This is what the recent data from Bright Edge analytics conveys.

But, although BrightEdge informs that people are stumbling new content via social networks; buttons – those made for social sharing -- are not not very popular among websites.According to BrightEdge , even most brands glomming on to the social trend, aren't utilizing social sharing buttons.

According to Jim Yu, BrightEdge CEO:

"Fewer than half of the largest sites on the Web offer any kind of social link (buttons, boxes etc.) at all on their front page and these sites represent a massive slice of Internet traffic on any given day".

"We would expect to see a land grab effort this year as plugins vie for placement on this ‘very valuable Web real estate’ [that is the largest websites n web which are still to put any social sharing buttons]."

The BrightEdge SocialShare Site Analysis shows:

• 47% of companies link to Facebook on their front page
• 42% link to Twitter
• Google's +1 saw a 33% placement increase, but still only 4% of companies use it
• 17% of business sites link to YouTube --------

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