SocialWeb Google Chrome Add-on using Facebook recommendation to find great content

SimilarGroup, the makers of several extensions and add-ons for an array of Internet browsers, have released a really useful add-on, called SocialWeb; exclusively for Google Chrome.

The new add-on for Chrome allows the users to easily find the most interesting content on every website. The primary logic behind SocialWeb, was the realization among the makers that the most valuable content for every website can be found through your Friend’s “Likes” and sharing within Facebook and if your friends like it, there is a greater chance you will too.

Created with the aim of minimizing the time spent on searching for the most interesting content, the new add-on makes use of suggestions and “Likes” on Facebook; such that, a simple click allows users to easily access the most interesting pages on every site and the recent activity of their fiends through the social network of Facebook.

SocialWeb’s Features:

 Recommendations: This tab shows the most recommended pages in a website according to Facebook's “Likes” and links shared.

 Recent Activity: This tab will allows users to see what their Friends have “Liked,” or shared in regards to the current website.

 Comments: Here users are given the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about what they liked on the current website for all the other SocialWeb users to see.

You can download and install SocialWeb from it's page in the Google Chrome Extensions Gallery:

About SimilarGroup: Founded in 2009, in Tel Aviv, Israel, SimilarGroup makes tools to help users uncover the web. It began with creating add-on of SimilarWeb, which is one of the most featured add-ons for the Mozilla platform (the makers of Firefox browser) with more than 2.5 million downloads, as well as hundreds of thousands of active daily users. The company, hopes to surpass SimilarWeb with its Chrome add-on SocialWeb. --------

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