Start G+ Chrome extension brings Facebook, Twitter experience, activity into Google+

A new Google Chrome extension, developed by Zane Claes, named Start G+, lets a user easily import his/her photographs from Facebook to Google+. The extension also allows the user to post to Facebook and Twitter from within Google+.

In short, the Start G+ is designed to make the process of transitioning from Facebook to Google+ as effortless as possible.

How to use Start G+ Google Chrome Extension:

Install the extension. And visit Google+. There you’ll notice a new Gmail notification icon, as well as small Facebook and Twitter buttons in the top right. Just sign in to Facebook and Twitter and you are ready to post status updates & see your feed right with Google+. A drop down menu that includes three options: Completely Disable Facebook Features, Completely Disable Twitter Features, and Turn Off Gmail Notifier, are there to provide you with more control on the environment.

Visit after installing the extension.

Once there, you can choose to:

1) import your photos from Facebook. The photo importer syncs photos from Facebook and displays the photos in a slideshow format as they were imported to allow you to monitor the progress.

To summarize, here are the extension’s current listed features:

• Show your Facebook and Twitter streams inside Google+ stream, complete with Stream links on the side, as well as rich media.

• Post to Facebook and Twitter automatically and simultaneously, whenever you share something on Google+. This option can be turned off from within the share window in Google+.

• Add a Gmail inbox notifier to the top bar. Clicking on the Gmail icon shows a menu with unread messages that lets you access your emails directly inside Google+.

• Visit to transfer or sync your photos from Facebook.

The extension will get some useful features in coming days. They are:

• A user can already get a nickname on the site, but in coming days, a user will be able to use a very short URL. Somewhat like or

• Ability to change one’s nickname right within Google+.

• Tagging is going to be universal and beneficial. That is, a person tag placed in a post in Google+, will show on Facebook and other synced networks, if Start G+ extension is used to share it to other networks. The tag appearing on other networks will use the nicknames to link to the Google Plus profile that was referenced. Hence the person begin tagged will get traffic back to his Google+ profile.

• Soon all the links shared on Twitter or Facebook, will be shortened using url shortening service. In addition, much like those twitter applications, which shorten tweets, that are more than 140 characters long; If the post on Google+ is too long to be properly shared on Twitter, then, a shortened link will be added to the end of the Twitter post to link to the full post on Google+.

• Soon, the much hotchpotch in extensions setting page will be sorted , with a separate settings page.

• A more comprehensive notification system for not just Gmail but Facebook and Twitter too will be added.

• Custom Streams an interesting feature will be added in near future as well. These custom circles will combine multiple circles to form a new stream. This is planned to increase interaction between circles.

That is all about Start G+ extension and how it can help you in your Google+ experience.

Now let’s talk about a few inferences on can derive from the launch of this extension:

1) People are spending time on Google+. That’s’ why extensions like, Start G+ are bringing content from other networks to Google+.

2) Only one social network, of the size of Facebook can exist. People will either stay at Facebook OR Google+.

3) Apart from a single dominant social network, all other social networks will become services, providing just one or two services, like real time search, broadcast, photo-sharing to the dominant social network. --------

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