Tag Heuer Launches whopping $6700 Android 2.2 Phone

Tag Heuer Launches whopping $6700 Android 2.2 Phone: Named Tag Heuer Link

The name Tag Heuer brings to mind the image of an expensive wrist watch. Which is not wrong, as Tag Heuer is a watch company. But they also make: phones.

Tag Heuer, has just unveiled one of the most expensive smartphones. The stunning "Tag Heuer Link Phone."

The phone which sports an unconventional look; something only the most loyal Tag fans will fall for, runs Android 2.2 or Froyo operating system, has a 3.5" qHD display, 4G radio, 1080p movie recording, an NFC chip (Near Field connectivity, allows phone to be used as a wallet), 16GB of RAM, 1GB of memory and an exterior decorated with alligator/lizard skin, rubber, diamond accents and plenty of titanium and leather.

Price: $6700. No one said, the phone is for those light on wallet and bank account. --------

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