Toshiba Qosmio F750 is World’s First Glasses Free 3D Laptop

Toshiba has launched the world’s first glasses free 3D laptop, the Qosmio F750.

The Qosmio F750 has a 15.6″ full HD (1920×1080) lenticular lens screen (a technology which sends images of a slightly different viewing angle to the left and right eye of the user; creating a 3D experience. This definite view angle on the device, is a limitation for the device as well, as a person can’t enjoy a 3D movie with his/her friends; as that way others will not receive images with that particular viewing angle). To put images at the right perspective to a viewer’s eyes, the laptop’s web-cam is used to track the viewer’s eyes; and the image is adjusted on the basis of viewer’s eye movement to give him/her a 3D experience.

Overall the laptop has great specs: an Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics card (up to 2GB), 640GB (5400rpm) SATA hard drive, 6GB DDR3 (1333MHz) RAM, 3 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0, Blu-ray XL drive, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0 and a HD Web-cam.

Toshiba plans to make available Qosmio F750 laptop for purchase in August 2011. The laptop is expected to have a price tag in excess of 2000 USD. --------

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