Twitter has more than One million registered third-party apps now

The news is Twitter has launched a new website specially for the developers which make third-party applications for Twitter. This is a sort of final house keeping efforts on part of Twitter; who some time ago was criticized for its treatment of the app developers.

Important and connected news is: On Monday, Twitter announced that the it has shot up from 150,000 registered third-party apps a year ago to more than 1 million apps today. A 567 percent growth in number of apps in the last one year.

According to Twitter, most of these apps use ‘tweets and other information shared on Twitter in ways that the company itself doesn't through its website or official apps for smartphones and tablets'.

A new Twitter app is registered every 1.5 seconds, fueling a spike in ecosystem growth in the areas of analytics, curation (data discovery) and publisher tools, informed Twitter blog. --------

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