Twitter users beware of StalkTrak App

UPDATE 14/07/2011: A lot of users are asking us, how can they undo the damage if they have already given access to the Stalk Trak scam app?

The Answer is: Nothing.

If they are fortunate to act within time, then they can quickly log in to their account and change the password. If they are not that fortunate, then the people behind the app, would have already changed the password and attached email of their twitter account; and that way their account is gone for ever. Even Twitter doesn't have any reporting cell to report such account hijacks.

One more thing, which many readers are not clear about is the way of functioning of this app. The app is not using any high tech means to hack an account. It is simply saving the username and password submitted by a user, during authorization procedure; and then people behind the app are using the same to login to the account. Once logged in, they simply change the attached email and password with their own.

Hence the way to prevent yourself from such apps, is ignoring them all the time.

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Today a twitter user, sent me a link of an app, which lets the app user know who is stalking him/her on Twitter. The app was logically named Stalk Trak. On clicking the link, I was taken to a page which looked Like Twitter's app authorization Page, where the user is asked to give the app the access to the Twitter account.

This very arrangement made me suspicious, as usually, the link would have taken me to the app's homepage. When i searched for it on Google, I found no homepage dedicated to this app.

Now, many on Web are claiming this app to be a scam; something which doesn't provide info it claims to provide:

1) View Who is Stalking Your Twitter
2) Read Tweets from your timeline.
3) See who you follow, and follow new people.
4) Update your profile.
5) Post Tweets for you.
6) Access your direct messages.

In contrast, the app is a scam. A guy has shared a very useful observation, regarding this app, and concludes the app to be a scam and a risk. Check out the video:

The observation is correct, as the URL of the authorization page is: of

When I tried to use the app with a Twitter account (to share the info with you) i was shown a page, having url:

with three columns with field names 1) Mutual 2) Stalking 3)Stalkers; and populated with Twitter usernames. The info is too bland to be of any real use.

To conclude, the app appears very suspicious. Please Don't respond to any links from StalkTrak app. It appears to be a scam. --------


Nicole Pyles said...

If you have clicked the link, what should you do? (I got sent it, I clicked it, it took me to the "twitter" home page and I logged in and nothing happened..)

Anil Singh said...
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Tech24Hours_Admin_ABisht said...

@Nicole_Pyles_________Hello Nicole.

I went to the page and I have given the url of the final page too. And the vidoe suggests the page is actually itwitteri instead of twitter.

All the pages on this app look like twitter's but I also observed they are not, those from Twitter.

The final page, shows three vertical lists, which I have mentioned in the post as well. And are not of any use to most users (I include myself too).

I suggest you not to test the app.

Have a Nice Day.