An upcoming Facebook Game to subdue Your Inner Serial Killer

Is there a need to get in touch with the dark side of your personality? Doing this in an unreal way sometimes subdues the urge to practice that malicious side in real (that’s what some experts suggest).

“Dexter Slice of Life”, a social game for Facebook that’s based on the sinister Showtime series Dexter and its vigilante serial killer, helps a player to get in touch with his/her evil side.

Showtime has just released a trailer and screenshot for Slice of Life, developed by Ecko Code, at Comic-Con. Watch it below:

The game is slated for a September release.

What the game offers:

The game, which will be launched on Facebook alongside the Season 6 television premiere, enables players play the role of Dexter Morgan — the serial killer. And by donning that role they are to stalk their victims, rewarding their evil side, finding evidence and completing missions.

Obviously, the game will tow the events of each new episode. The idea behind a social game running parallel with a TV series -- with weekly updates to enable game mirror the events of the TV episode -- is to blur the fine line between the show’s content and Gameplay. According to Mashable, Ecko, the game’s publisher will use extensive social media analysis tools to figure out the story lines and make the experience more immersive and addictive. Courtesy, the role playing nature of the game merged with a social network atmosphere, the people behind the game and the TV series can expect to gain as many story ideas, as the number of people who opt to play it. --------

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