VCs to Facebook and Groupon planning a $125M fund for India

Accel India, a teaming up of Venture Capitalist firms Accel Partners and Erasmic (a VC fund with Indian connection) is eying a $125 Million For New VC Fund.

To attain this, the Accel Partners is set to embark on a fresh round of fund-raising dedicated to India and is cementing its plans for a $125 million fund which will be its third in India. The VC best known for investing early on in Facebook and Groupon, is reported to have conveyed its intent to various large funds.

Accel Partners entered India in late 2008 when it acquired Bangalore's Erasmic, which was managing a $15 million fund at that time. The VC as of now manages a total $80 million in the country and has so far backed 30 companies.

Venture Capitalists are people of firm, which finance start-ups (new companies) at different points of their growth cycle. The investments which are made at the earliest level, when the entity barely exists, are called Seed investments. VCs' mode of operation is simple, they are always in look for great concepts, companies, individuals who can earn them money in mainly long term outlook. If they find one such opportunity, they try to support the venture with their money. Anyone who has conviction in his/her project can approach these VCs, along with a detailed project. --------

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