Chrome Overtakes Firefox in UK in July, in Ireland in May

According to Statcounter’s latest report,

Google's Chrome has become the number two browser in the UK during the month of July for the first time. In July 2011, Chrome had a 22.1 percent share in the UK browser market. In July 2009, this was 3.9%.

Notably, during the said period Microsoft's Internet Explorer fell significantly from 61% to 46% globally and Firefox dropped slightly from 27% to 22%. Chrome on the other hand, made significant gains in the browser market going from under 4% two years ago to over 20% today.

Chrome is also performing particularly well in Ireland where it overtook Firefox in May to become the number two browser. In July it reached 27.7%, ahead of Firefox's 24.2% but still behind IE at 39.9%.

Statcounter, expects the browser war to intensify in the next few months, with Chrome and Firefox almost neck and neck. --------

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