Is Verizon Map bringing four new high end devices?

Courtesy some leaked screenshots obtained by guys at Droid-Life, Verizon may be preparing to introduce four new Android devices to the market.

The MAP, or minimum advertised price memo, shown on left, lists four devices one each belonging Motorola and LG; and two to HTC.

When are these devices going to be launched? Well that, along with prices, specs, isn’t revealed by the MAP.


The Motorola MOTXT875 is the Droid Bionic. But what about the other three.

According to rumor mills, the HTC 6425LVW is the HTC Vigor. The phone is going to have a 720p display, 1.5 dual core processor, and Adreno 220 GPU. The LG-VS920 is rumored to be the sequel to the Revolution, while the HTC ADR 6330 is the alternatively-colored Incredible 2, though can’t be said for sure. --------

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