Magnum Pepper Tablet PC, a below $100 android tablet launched in India

A not much heard of small company, Lakshmi Access Communications Systems Pvt. Ltd. in india, today launched a tablet computer, having a price tag of just just $99 or around Indian Rupees 4500.

The 4.3-inch tablet named, Magnum Pepper Tablet PC, is powered by an 800-megahertz processor, runs on Google Inc.'s Android operating system and is manufactured in China. The tablet has a four-gigabyte storage and works both on wireless Internet and third-generation communications or 3G networks.

The Magnum Pepper Tablet PC has 256 mb of RAM.

Lakshmi Access plans to also produce and sell other tablets, priced up to $799.

The Indian tablet market has started seeing the entry of both big and small, expensive and cheap tablets of late. Samsung Electronics launched its 10.1-inch and 8.9-inch tablets in India for $799 and $750 respectively early this month. Apple's iPad 2 with a price tage of $499 for the least fancy 16-gigabyte WiFi-only version is already present in India; along with Research In Motion Ltd.'s 7-inch PlayBook costing $617.

Trying to take advantage of the introduction of third-generation communication or 3G services in the country, that enable high-speed Internet access on the move, and its future potential in releiving pressures from their revenues, leading telecom players have started launching cheap adroid based tablets in the market. On Wednesday this week, India's Beetel Teletech, a unit of Bharti Enterprises Ltd., launched a $220 tablet PC, after another telecom player Reliance Communications Ltd. unveiled a model at about $280. --------

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