New Simple Blood test predicts fetus gender after just seven weeks of pregnancy

According to a study published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association, A new and simple blood test can predict the gender of a fetus after just seven weeks of pregnancy. The test is claimed to be easier and (if used correctly) more accurate than ultrasound. It also doesn't carry the small risk of miscarriage that comes with amniocentesis, which is done between 15 and 20 weeks into a pregnancy.

Now, it can’t be said, whether this is a good news or a bad news.

Good news as the test minimizes the risk to the mother; and also help control gender-related diseases in the unborn. Bad news is -- it can unleash the specter of sex selection unhindered.

In countries like India and China, the tool can give parents more control over their progeny and the traditional & cultural liking for a son will make the killing of girl child in womb, more easy and systematic; and less risky too.

In countries like US, where parents favor girl to a boy --the tool can skew the sex ratio towards girls.

Although this is a wishful thinking; but May the tool is restricted to constructive purposes only and not the phasing out of a particular gender. --------

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