Nintendo developing a 3DS Successor with two analogue joysticks

Courtesy a French website, Nintendo is planning to revise the 3DS design to include two analogue joysticks instead of one. The said source also informs that the new design will be launched sometime in 2012.

The report on the website can be believed, as the source has a reputation of providing credible information. The website had leaked Wii U and PSP Vita's specs more than six months before their official unveiling.

The second analogue stick is being introduced as the Nintendo feels the lack of it is one of the biggest flaws in the handheld console. Hence Nintendo is developing a peripheral, which will add a second analogue stick to the 3DS, for just about $10.

It has been reported that Nintendo has already roped in a select group of developers to develop games specifically taking advantage of this new controller. Nintendo, who failed to convince consumers that the glasses-free 3D display in the 3DS is not harmful to eyes, has also decided to put 3D on a lower priority in the new console, reports the source.

The above report gains more credibility when one looks at it connected with the 40% price cut on the 3DS. The price cut could mean clearing off old stocks before launching the new design, possibly in 2012. --------

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