Sony unveils eyeglasses to make movie subtitles non-intrusive

While watching a movie, subtitles may annoy some, but for others with hearing difficulties, subtitles mean the difference between being able to watch a movie, or not.

Sony UK has come up with special eyeglasses meant to make happy the latter group. The eyeglasses developed by Sony UK display the subtitles right on to them, just for the wearer, without annoying the rest of the audience.

The glasses work by projecting the words onto the glasses of the person wearing them in such a way as to not necessitate the wearer having to constantly adjust for near and far; something that would cause enormous eye fatigue, reports a science blog. Instead, the effect is almost the same as if the words were projected onto the screen (the wearer will feel that the subtitles are displayed on the television screen). Another big advantage of the special eyewear is that, the wearer will see the subtitles, even if someone in front obstructs the subtitle part of the screen.

The glasses can be a great hit with the people with hearing impairment, elderly with low hearing and people having problems at interpreting accent. The glasses could also be used for watching translated movies, with each person In audience getting the subtitles in his/her known language, even while watching the movie with multilingual audience.

Sony says the glasses should be available in the U.K. sometime next year, and if they are received well then the rest of the world sometime after that.


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