Taiwan researchers develop eco-friendly rewritable 'paper'

Scientists at Taiwan’s top industrial research unit, Industrial Technology Research Institute, have developed an environmentally friendly form of rewritable electronic paper that works without electricity. Yes without electricity. Unlike the e-book technology currently available in the market, the rewritable e-paper, named "i2R e-paper" does not require to be back lit. And hence doesn’t consume electricity. The technology used in the paper, simply depends on the heat to store or transmit images onto the flexible display. Click here to watch video.

To use the i2R e-paper again and again, a user simply has to insert it into a thermal writing device similar to what is used in fax machines, and all the writing on the paper will be erased.

At its current level of development, the paper can be reused for up to 260 times.

The researchers inform that the technology can be used in products such as digital books, electronic bulletin boards and large-sized digital bulletin boards.

The institute has tied up with a Taiwan company, and hopes the products using the technology to be available in the market in a year or two. --------

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