TinyChat iPhone App to video Chat With up to 12 Facebook Friends

TinyChat, a Video chat startup, has launched its first iOS app.

Named, TinyChat FB, the app allows a user to video chat with up to 12 Facebook friends from his/her smartphone. But what differentiates TinyChat FB from other services like Fring or Tango or even Skype is the fact that end users don’t need to have the service installed in order to participate in a chat.

TinyChat (on Facebook) is working on to better the latest offering, by incorporating features like buddylist. That apart a full featured client for the service is on its way.

How to use the TinyChat FB:

To use the app, users can connect to the app with Facebook after download and it will immediately show them a list of their Friends. Clicking on a particular Facebook friend will allow the initiator to invite him/her to chat, sending them a link on Facebook with the message “I’m video chatting on my iPhone, click the link to video chat with me.” The chat initiator can invite others the same way.

The user can remove users from a chat equally easily.

Compatibility: compatible with the iPad 1, iPad 2, iTouch 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The web component is Flash-based.

About TinyChat:

TinyChat takes care of over 30 million minutes of video chat a day; which is equivalent to bringing on a 100K new users a day, informs TinyChat co-founder Dan Blake. The app has some attracted some showbiz money as well. It has raised $1.5 million in funding from Ashton Kutcher, P.Diddy and Lady Gaga and others of late. --------

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