Upgrade of Apple iPad 2 rumored to be in Production

The rumors about a new version of the Apple iPad 2 have been circulating for some weeks now. Now some latest reports are suggesting that it’s now in production.

Whatever the new iPad 2 will be called -- iPad 2 Plus, iPad 2 Premium or the iPad 2 Pro , the new device or upgrade is rumored to be targeted at the publishing vertical and other select segments.

Talking od improvements the new iPad 2 is expected to have a front and rear facing HD cameras which will enable taking higher quality shots. The screen is also expected to have a higher resolution giving higher quality browsing and general use. With no limit to speculation, the new iPad 2 may come pre-loaded with iOS 5 and may be shipped with some more professional centric software.

Whne the new iPad 2 is getting launched? May even launch this quarter, suggest some reports. --------

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