Wipro to hire 18000 new employees in 2012

Clearing some air on the concerns that global economic uncertainties may slow business growth at India's information-technology companies, Priti Rajora, global head of talent acquisition at the outsourcing-services unit of Wipro Ltd. recently said that Wipro will go ahead with its hiring program as planned. Wipro is India's third-largest software exporter by sales after Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. and Infosys Ltd.

According to Ms Rajora, the company has still not seen any impact, from this business environment change, on hiring. The company may recruit 25%-30% more entry-level staff in the next fiscal year starting April 2012 compared to this year, on expectations that demand for software services will rise.

Good news for job aspirants and economy, when Wipro is upbeat about hiring, despite economic concerns in the U.S. and Europe--the biggest markets for Indian technology companies. In simple, a depression in US and Europe, may force clients there to delay decisions on outsourcing contracts, or even to reduce IT budgets, and even delay pending invoices.

As a part of its restructuring bid, Wipro has changed its hiring strategy this year. Under the new change, the IT Company plans to add more entry-level workers compared to experienced employees. About 70% of Wipro’s new staff will now comprise entry-level people--hired usually from college campuses. Great news for fresh graduates, who are waiting eagerly for a campus selection. The company plans to visit more than 400 colleges to hire entry level-staff for April 2012 hiring. Is there college in the list?

In the last fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, the company hired more than 14,300 new employees. This has taken the company's total headcount to 122,385. If one assumes that Wipro will take 25 percent more employees in April 2012, then freshers can expect to compete for a sizable portion of the 17875 new jobs. --------

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