Amazon new Tablet may be Launched this wednesday

Some of the top blogs and media outlets who have received the's press invite for September 20 2011 event, sent out Friday, mentioning simply, "Please join us for an press conference" , are already speculating what the purpose of the event may be. And the unanimous speculation is: the online e-commerce giant will be launching its Android tablet PC in the said event.

So what will be revealed in the event? Courtesy the speculation, Amazon is going to announce, an early launch date and the tablet price. Amazon is reportedly selling its tablet for more than half the price of the Apple’s iPad 2 version, which was priced at $499.

Regarding specs, courtesy TC, the still unnamed Amazon tablet features a full-color 7-inch touchscreen and resembles Research in Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook. The tablet will also be back-lit unlike the e-ink Kindle e-readers. Rumors are that the tablet is going to be one of the first tablets to have Android Icecream Sandwitch which is simply HoneyComb and Gingerbread combined together' although some other reports say that rather than using Android, Amazon has branched off android, and built their own 'special concostion' into it, so its not honeycomb and its definitely not ICS. The tablet is also said to have NO camera.


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