Apple iPad's UK dominance to continue

Apple's iPad which dominates the UK tablet market, with a 72 percent market share, is going to retain that dominance in coming year as well, informs a new study.

The study conducted by Kantar Worldpanel Comtech, a research firm, reveals the following regarding Apple iPad’s current and future dominance in UK:

1) An estimated 3.6m people in the UK now possess a tablet, which makes for a 72% share of the current UK tablet owners.

2) Overall, 43% of tablet owners use tablets when commuting, and 36% do so while on the move.

3) 90 percent of users do so connected to WiFi networks at home, and 41% did so in another location.

4) About 50% of shoppers interested in buying a tablet during 2012 expressed a desire to acquire an iPad. Apple iPad is comfortably ahead of the second ranked Samsung Galaxy, with 6% prospective buyers in its favour, while 28% of relevant respondents were unsure which brand to choose.

5) Echoing the brand loyalty, which Apple enjoys unlike any other product on this planet, 80 Percent of participants already owning an iPhone and hoping to pick up a tablet in 2012 anticipated selecting an iPad. The study notes that, this brand loyalty is not surprising as, Apple's achievements in this market are clearly linked to its success in the smartphone market. Something which will pose a sort of a challenge for other manufacturers.

6) Regarding, ‘How informed a UK buyer is about tablets, 16% of shoppers claimed to have a "strong knowledge" of tablets, whereas a modest 3% of people held "no knowledge" in this area.

7) The plan to buy a new tablet the next year appeared to be proportional to the ‘level of knowledge a person has about tablets’. In simple, those respondents who claimed to have a greater knowledge about tablets are more likely to buy a new tablet next year, compared to those who claimed to have modest or low knowledge. Over a quarter of individuals boasting a "strong knowledge" of these products expected to purchase one in the next year, measured against 3% among those with "low knowledge".

8) 10% of UK people remain undecided about whether to pick a smartphone or a tablet. This suggesting a degree of confusion about the exact differentiation between these devices.

According to the study, one consideration for the future will also be the relationship between smartphones, tablets and PC's and the degree of necessity of having all three. With tablets and smartphones providing similar benefits to customers and increasingly acquiring the same form factor (becoming the same size) it may become a case of one or the other. --------

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