Cheaters Beware! If caught your dating life can ruin forever

A new website, made for just one purpose, to target cheaters, bewares you of cheating.

As, if you get a cheater tag then the site will go all out to ensure that you may not get a date for the rest of your life.

So, as the site says, the blow will be double, ruined relationship and ruined dating life forever.

saw wife in a compromising position with another man
Named Cheaterville, a new website is targeting cheaters and taking them down one by one. The site details names of suspected cheaters, pictures, hometowns and all the details of affairs, posted by anonymous, jilted lovers seeking revenge.

Launched by James McGibney in Las Vegas last Valentine's Day, the site got inspiration from one simple fact, Sacramento is a cheating hot spot, hence why not uncover the cheaters.

Interestingly, the site, nearly an year old now, is threatened with lawsuits but is protected by free speech laws that also protect sites such as Facebook. To protect it further, the site never claims the truthfulness of any revelation; it leaves it on the readers to make their own opinions. --------

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