Cloud computing to generate 100k jobs in India: Study

Cloud computing is an area generating much buzz in the west at present; with starting salaries in most cases beginning at $50,000 a year.

According to a study conducted by Zinnov Management Consulting and global IT firm EMC Corporation -- As the next technology wave, cloud computing has the potential to have a similar showing in India as well.

The study says that cloud computing has the potential to create about 100,000 new jobs in India in next few years.

Size of Cloud Computing Market in India by 2015:

The cloud computing market in India is expected to be of $4.5-billion (or approx. INR 20000 crore) by 2015.

Out of this, private cloud will account for $3.5 billion (or approx. INR 16000 crore), and will generate about 100,000 additional jobs. This will save about 50 percent of cost of IT operations for Indian enterprises [Source: Study titled "Private Cloud Landscape in India", by Zinnov Management Consulting and global IT firm EMC Corporation]

What is Cloud Computing?

If you have seen a telephone network drawing, then in the drawing you see various constituting components of a telephone network, which include data centres, switching boards, routers, and your humble telephone floating freely on the drawing, with arrows linking the components together, showing the to-and-fro flow of information and how exactly all components work as one to form the network.

When web or world wide web, which is also addressed as ‘internet’, started gaining ascendancy, websites became the primary way of sharing data online. Now, if one looks at the working of a modern day website, however simple it’s, then one finds a telephone network like analogy. If one goes on to draw a visual representation of the working of a website, then it will have hundreds of clouds floating on the drawing -- with hundreds of remote servers storing the demanded information, softwares to send and retrieve the demanded information and applications to perform countless jobs on and away from website.

Another way to define cloud is -- A system where everything, right from information, data to computing codes and applications is stored on remote servers; that can be accessed via an internet connection.

Thus Cloud computing if simply put, is “Computing for the Cloud”, so that multiple servers are used as a single platform through a digital network (website) under secured environment with access to a range of applications and tools for reducing the cost of IT operations.

Hence if you are unsure, which way to go, for better jobs prospects, then you can go for Cloud Computing. --------

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