Corsair Gaming Keyboards, mice unveiled for FPS, MMO, RTS Gamers

Gamers! Rejoice. Corsair has just unveiled four new gaming peripherals targeted at FPS (first person shooter), MMO (massively multiplayer online) and RTS (real time strategy) gamers.

The peripherals aimed at FPS gamers are 1) the Vengeance K60 keyboard and 2) the M60 mouse.

The peripherals aimed at MMO and RTS gamers are 1) the Vengeance K90 keyboard and 2) M90 mouse.

Vengeance K60 keyboard: Comes with mechanical key switches, allowing for faster tapping, a contoured wrist pad and textured WASD keys along with anti-ghosting capabilities. It also sports a 20-key rollover and a reported 1ms reporting rate.

Vengeance M60 mouse: Comes with a 5,700 DPI sensor with on-the-fly resolution switching, an adjustable center of gravity and a Sniper button which basically allows you to toggle from fast movement, high DPI resolution to something which though a little slower is more precise; assisting you in your accurate aiming.

Vengeance K90 keyboard: Appears to be a twin brother of the K60, but differs by sporting blue LED backlit keys that are adjustable, and are perfect made for MMO and RTS requirements. The keyboard comes with 18 programmable macro keys, stored on a flash memory built into the keyboard, which saves a gamer from having to reconfigure everything again.

M90 mouse: Perfect made for the requirements of MMO and RTS gamers. The mouse comes with 15 programmable buttons, whose macros can be stored in up to 6 different profiles that be can be switched to in no time.

Price & Availability:

Vengeance K60 keyboard --------$109
Vengeance K90 Keyboard-----------------$129
Vengeance M60 mouse------------$79
Vengeance M90 mouse----------------$99

All four peripherals are expected to be available to you this October. --------

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