Elpida Memory develops 25nm 4Gb DDR3

In a clash of titans of sort, both Elpida Memory and Samsung are throwing their best punches forward.

While the Elpida has announced Friday that it has completed development of 25nm-made 4Gb DDR3 memory; Samsung Electronics has already introduced its 20nm-class DRAM products.

Samsung’s 20nm-class 2Gb DDR3 DRAM is ready for mass production; and the company plans to build 4Gb DDR3 chips using the newer node technology by the end of 2011.

Both memory makers claim that their new chips are the industry's first DRAM built using 2Xnm process technology.

Elpida indicated that it developed 2Gb DDR3 chips fabricated at the more-advanced 25nm process in May, sample shipments of which began in July. The company’s newly-developed 25nm 4Gb chips are expected to be available for sample shipments by the end of 2011.

According to industry experts, Samsung's mass production volume of 20nm-class DRAM should not take place until 2012. The industry leader is currently utilizing 3Xnm as its major DRAM process technology. --------

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