Facebook Smart List gets selective dubut, automatically groups friends

Inspired by Google+ (an easy-to-use grouping system called Circles), Facebook is slowly debuting Smart Lists to its users (currently rolling out to select users). Smart Lists is a feature that automatically groups friends into coworkers, school mates and people who live within 50 miles.
The new feature also allows a Facebook user to customize messages and status updates to people on a particular list, avoiding the effort of carefully choosing recipients from the entire friends list.

Via Smart Lists, Facebook is also letting its users "subscribe" to news from other members, even those they are not friends with.

In short, just as Google+ circles, courtesy Facebook Smart List, Facebook users too could sort friends into unique groups and customize profile information for each set.

Google+ has garnered about 25 million users thus far. While it still has a ways to go before matching Facebook's population of more than 750 million users, it's a respectable showing for a fledgling network. --------

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