Increase the Active Life of Your Tweets with Twylah

Is it interesting for you to know about some Twitter-related startup, attracting a lot of attention amidst users, as it meets a need that Twitter is not filling? If yes, then keep reading.

One such recent startup to capture the imagination of Twitter users is Twylah.

Twylah is a service which provides a way for Twitter users to display the content of all their tweets on a single, personalized page.

What is good about Twylah is that rather than tweets disappearing into the oblivion after they have been posted, Twylah lets them live on, so that they are consumed by more people for a longer period of time.

The service has especially resonated for individuals and companies that generate a lot of tweets to build personal or corporate brands. For them, Twylah has proved to be a compelling way to offer more value to potential readers and customers.

The insanely simple concept of Twylah -- of displaying the content of tweets on a page that can be branded -- is so smart that it has also answered one important question of companies and marketers – How to monetize their Twitter activity?

Does this make your wonder why Twitter or another startup hasn’t already done it?

Then for your and for the information of the duo who created Twylah -- Eric Kim and his wife, who started San Francisco-based Twylah; There is always the possibility that Twitter might decide to eventually offer a similar service.

[NOTE: The service is currently in Beta, so you will need invitation to join it. But that's easy, just go to the service home page and click Sign in, and then submit your email address and wait for Twylah people approving your request and sending you the invitation.] --------

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