Infosys plans to have 50% local staff in overseas onsite locations

India’s second ranked IT company Infosys Technologies has made its mind to have 50% of its employees in onsite (client) locations from the local residents by as early as next year (2012-13). The pointer in this context was given at the Infosys Analyst Meet last month.

According to experts, it will be a big challenge for Nandita Gurjar, global head of HR in Infosys, who recently relocated to the US, to set the agenda for choosing the right talent from the onsite region.

At present Infosys has 27,000 employees on onsite locations, of which about a third are currently local hires.

Out of these 27,000 onsite employees, around two thirds are said to be in the US and the rest in other geographies like the UK, Continental Europe, China and West Asia.

Infosys currently has over 1.3 lakh employees.

Although the news looks a bit of a dampener for Indians; but if the increasing number of visa rejections for Indian software engineers amidst Infosys recently courting a Lawsuit for allegedly misusing the business visitor (B-1 ) visa programme to send employees for long term work in US ( For long stay one needs H-1 B Visa); and an anti Indian view developing in US marred by acute job distress is taken into account; then sharing some jobs with the locals is not all too bad.

Another reason for increasing the percentage of locals in the client locations is the
new strategic direction the company is undertaking called Infosys 3.0.

Under this, the company has been restructured along three service lines-

1) Business operations: includes traditional commoditized services like application development and maintenance, testing, BPO;

2) Transformation: includes 'change the business' initiatives like package implementation and consulting;

3) Innovation: includes new products and platforms.

Notably, the business operations contributes 63% of revenues , followed by transformation (25%) and innovation (12%). Infosys aims to have equal shares of revenue from the three service lines by next 5-7 years. --------

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