Internet users in India to grow at 200 percent to reach 300 million by 2014

The fact that telecom carriers in India are investing in high-speed wireless infrastructure and smartphones become cheaper, makes Google think that -- India's Internet users will triple by 2014.

Sharing the findings of a new report by Google, Google's country head in India, Rajan Anandan, said that the company forecasts India will reach at least 300 million or 30 crore Internet users by 2014. At present the number of internet users in India is 100 million or 10 crore.

Anandan said he expected the next 200 million Indian web users to mainly access the Internet on the high-speed wireless networks that carriers are in the process of rolling out countrywide.

Another thing which needs to be ensured for India to reach the 300 million internet users is that mobile handset makers bring out smartphones at prices which India's masses can afford, adds Google India Head.

The wonder that is India:

Courtesy, its billion plus population; With just eight percent of its 1.2-billion population online, India is already the third-largest Internet market by users, behind China and the United States.

The fact that, despite a lot of the infrastructure challenges in the country, India still manages to bring 100 million Indians online makes the country even more special for the search giant; who is closely monitoring the online behavior of online Indians.

Although Google sees India as a huge emerging internet market, it still finds making money off that growing audience a bit difficult, for reasons like television and newspapers still draw the most advertising in the country, the government keeps throwing up regulatory hurdles, etc.

Size of Indian online ad spending market (Money businesses spend to show their ads on online properties like websites, search engines etc.):

Indian online ad spending is only about $200 million per year -- a small fraction of the $80 billion global digital advertising industry. E-commerce like airline and movie ticket sales generate about $5 billion in revenue in India compared to a massive $80 billion in neighboring China. --------

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