Number of mobile subscribers in India who used MNP till June End 2011

According to the latest date from TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) in the month of July alone, 25 Lakh 63 thousand (2.56 million) mobile subscribers in India changed their operator under Mobile Number Portability (MNP).

With this, the total number of mobile subscribers in India, porting their numbers under MNP, since MNP launch in India, reaches to 1 crore 55 Lakh 48 thousand (15.5 million or 1.8 percent of all mobile subscribers in India).

In putting MNP to use, Gujarat’s mobile subscribers are at the top. Since the launch of MNP in the country, 15.51 Lakh (1.55 million) mobile phone subscribers in Gujarat circle used MNP to change their existing operator, while keeping the same number.

Maharashtra with 12.61 Lakh (1.261 million) came second; while Karnataka circle with 11.94 Lakh (or 1.194 million) came third.

Delhi and Mumbai circles with a total of 8.39 Lakh (839,471) and 5.74 Lakh (574,194) portability applications came fourth and fifth. --------

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