NY Uiniversity student develops a unique mobile app to set Young People up together

In case you really believe in the “Power of an idea” then a 21 year old New York Uiniversity philosophy major, Jon Chan, can be your guide.

Chan is soon to embark on the entrepreneurial bandwagon with Friidum.com.

The mobile app created this past semester, developed while in iPhone programming class, simply serves as a device to let the user know when a friend has mutual free time. Friidum.com is free and those who sign up will be notified when the mobile app comes out.

The site which grew from trying to solve the problem of not knowing when people have mutual availability became a one of its kind service for college goers.

While there already are a few apps for business meeting planning, the app is unique in hitting the mainstream on the people’s social side, who spend so much time in front of their computer, we never actually seem to go out.

The mobile app of friidum.com, thus can show a user exactly when another friend (s) has mutually free time’ and will allow him or her to call or text her to set them up together.

Want to try friidum? Then go to Web site and sign up for a free account. You will be notified when the mobile app officially comes out.

About Jon Chan:

Jon Chan is a philosophy major at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Chan seriously went into app development after completing his first-ever computer science course in iPhone programming this past semester.

Raised in Los Angeles, Ca., Chan developed an interest in computer programming at age 11. Chan considers him self-taught. He learned computer languages over the Internet, in library books and through YouTube. --------

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