PC Sales in India grew 16 Percent in 2010-11

In the year 2010-11, the PC sales in India increased 16 percent, reaching 93.1 Lakh or 9.31 million units.

In the previous year, 2009-10, 80.3 Lakh or 8.03 million PC units were sold.

[Data, courtesy Technology Manufacturers Assoication (MAT)& Researh firm IMRB]

Device-wise Break-up, sales and growth:

-- Desktop PC sales increased 9 percent, reaching 60.3 Lakh or 6.03 million units in 2010-11.

-- Notebook and Netbook PC sales increased 31 percent, reaching 33 Lakh or 3.3 million units in 2010-11.

Thus the major growth in overall PC sales cam from the growth in notebook and netbook PC category.

In contrast, in 2009-10, 55.2 Lakh or 5.52 million Desktop PCs and 25 Lakh or 2.5 million Notebook and Netbooks were sold. --------

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