Wipro imec developing an Electronic Nose

On the eve of the launch of a collaborative initiative, called ARISE Labs, between Indian tech giant Wipro and nano-electronics company imec; Wipro underlined the need for greater technology for areas such as healthcare; more so in emerging countries like India where, by 2030, over one billion or above 100 crore people will be older than 65 years of age.

Stressing on the importance to develop technologies for such emerging markets (hence ARISE is launched) the company said that it’s important to keep looking for new areas where technology could change lives.

One such area which the Wipro-imec’s ARISE pinpointed is the inability of today's mobiles to smell.

To make for this want, Wipro announced that they are working on an electronic nose which can smell and measure things like the level of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide in the air. The technology can be used to find if food has become spoilt, or if there are levels of carbon monoxide in a closed room dangerous to people sleeping there .

The company hopes to pack the technology in future mobiles. --------

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