56 percent of aware Facebook Users do not Like Facebook Changes

A new telephonic survey conducted by USA Today and Gallup found that -- Out of the Facebook users who are aware of the changes made to the social network, about 56% disliked them. In simple, the regular changes Facebook keeps on making to its platform irk 56 out of 100 aware users. 36% of the aware users liked them.

That apart, the poll also found that those who have a higher frequency of using Facebook are relatively less concerned about the Privacy. This is revealed when, 26% of people who use the site daily are “very concerned” about privacy vs. 35% who use it once a week. Thus, the less active a user is on Facebook, the more concerned he/she is about privacy. This particular insight makes one to derive the inference that Facebook is optimized for highly active users; and hence those who are not very active, may find the platform overwhelming.

This makes one assume that, the above inference may be applicable to Facebook’s new Timeline feature as well, which gives users the opportunity to share their histories on the site; and as a consequence gives Facebook more targeted information for advertisers. Facebook’s schedule to roll out Timeline is unclear.

Regarding, how aware are Facebook users of the Facebook’s changes, the poll found that although the changes are apparent to daily users, they are not as much to the others. Among all users, only 34% are aware of the changes, although this awareness level goes to 87% with respect to the daily users. --------

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