AT&T Toggle makes possible accessing & working on secure work data on personal Android devices

It’s a big headache for employees to carry multiple devices to their offices, as their personal device can’t be used for the official work. The situation a headache for the Office IT Department as well; as most of the times it has to manage multiple devices.

A new AT&T Toggle, hopes to make all these headaches a thing of the past; for Android devices if not for all.

Because, as an employee you will be able to take your personal Android phone and tablet to access work data.

Announced yesterday at the CTIA conference in San Diego, AT&T Toggle allows Android devices to securely separate work email, calendars, apps and other stuff from the user’s personal data. The good thing is, AT&T has not limited the toggle to just its own platform and it will work across any mobile carrier.

How the AT&T Toggle works:

Toggle is basically a platform, which is accessed by an employee from even his/her personal device; but allowing the Company IT Department the much needed separation of what’s allowed when users are interacting with the corporate apps and data. In simple, the Toggle, will use an employee’s personal device resources to work on the corporate data in a secure manner.

The AT&T Toggle, powered by technology from Enterproid, gives IT administrators a web portal to manage employee access to resources.

In situations, where an employee leaves the company, or if a device gets lost, IT admins will be able to wipe devices of confidential data easily.

Not to say the Toggle is beneficial to both business IT departments and their users. It not only saves the employee from carrying multiple devices to office: it will also save the Companies from the need to deploy resources to manage many devices for a single employee. That apart, if an enterprise feels secured of its sensitive Data, even accessed via employee’s personal device; the enterprise can devote the same energies on its other important goals like growth, innovation etc.

Compatibility: The AT&T Toggle works on devices running Android 2.2 and higher.

Availability: Is expected to debut before the end of this year. --------

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